Exam rush: zero concentration, and quarter preparation.

Hello readers! 
It’s 12.35pm here and Tuesday the 22nd.

My final exams start on the 5th of June.  And guess what?? I just can’t study!!! I know the statement is cliché but hey, its cliché for a reason! I open my books, keep my notes in front of me, and then….I just sit there reading, but nothing gets in. So after a while I get up, very frustrated, and then I don’t feel like touching the books for the rest of the day. I think I’ve tried every technique I could think of. I changed the place, tried making the environment neat and a little more comfy, calm, I tried getting fresh and starting again, I tried emptying the contents of my brain on a paper then starting again, I tried doing something else for a while and then coming back to the books, I tried snacks with it, I tried talking to friends about the syllabus, I tried studying different subjects…..but nothing seems to work. I can’t concentrate. It might have something to do with all the distractions I still have, but really, I like those, and don’t want to remove them. I know that even if I do, I’ll just become more lazy.

Suggestions anyone?


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