Putting a finger on “It”


What could it be? That which is missing from most of our lives. The soul, the purpose for everything…the bigger picture of whatever we do. The thing that all of us, deeep inside, really do yearn to get back. It’s the presence of God. Of gaining his favor…and doing everything for the very purpose.

The simple truth; we “need” God in our lives. And you know what? Everything straightens itself out when we have Him with us. Because God doesn’t burden anyone more than they can handle, though He does give us some obstacles and tests to survive through, because guess what? This life is a test in itself. The whole of it, everything and every aspect of it is here to test us, to see how much we can take, for Him. And it is very short… And the life after death? Yes it exists. Well that one’s eternal. An Eden for those who succeed in this world, and a hell for those who don’t.


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